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  • My Approach to Family Litigation


    Personal Relationships

    Before we start work on your case, I want to get to know you and your family. The best way for me to represent you is to know who you are and what you and your children need. My compassionate and personal approach allows me to better advocate for your position and protect your rights.

    Best Interests

    The paramount concern of the courts is the best interests of the child; everything else is inferior. The best way to obtain or regain custody is to act in your child's best interests. Sometimes that means putting your own desires aside, but in the long run, it's worth it. Focusing on your child puts you at a considerable advantage.

    Negotiation and Conciliation

    The Court is there to make decisions when you can't agree. Your willingness to compromise keeps you in control of your life, your property, and your kids. In Pennsylvania, most family cases are resolved by agreement, the system is designed to encourage resolution without Court intervention. I'm a skilled negotiator who can get you a fair settlement while keeping acrimony to a minimum.

    Family Counseling

    The legal process can provide ground rules, boundaries, and an avenue for relief when problems arise. The Courts cannot, however, heal the wounds of a broken relationship. I recommend family and co-parent counseling in almost every case, because it works.  

    Trial Litigation

    In some cases, compromise is out of the question. The trial process is long and grueling, but sometimes necessary. I have years of custody trial experience and will help you through the highly technical and emotionally draining trial process. When your day in court arrives, you can rely on me to advocate zealously on your behalf.


    Sometimes a trial does not yield the result you want.  If a custody judge misapplies the law, a higher court may be able to correct the error.  Appeals are not about putting forth new facts, but instead about the law and how those facts were applied.  If the trial court got it wrong, I can work to get the case reversed in your favor.

    Continuing Representation

    Unlike other forms of litigation, custody cases remain open until your child becomes an adult. I want to build client relationships that last throughout the life of your case. Whether you need to revisit custody, or child support, or just need guidance on an issue that arises, I will continue to be there for you long after the Judge signs your divorce decree or custody order.

    Special Topics

    Every family is unique, so every case is unique.  There are many discrete and complex areas of Family Law that require an experienced and dedicated attorney.  Take a look at Attorney Richetti's blog to see discussions on some of the finer points of Family Law in Pennsylvania.